2019 Bee Classes

We will be offering multiple classes this summer to help individuals become successful bee keepers. Please read the descriptions below to decide which class or classes are best for you. At the bottom of each class description will be the price for that class, dates and times offered, and required items. *Once we have received your payment, you will be emailed as to where the class will be held and directions.


All payments for classes are due 5 days prior to the class date. Each class must be signed up for 1 week prior. If you would like to come last minute, you must call. If we do not have enough participants by Wednesday, prior to the class date, the class will be cancelled.*All classes are subject to change or cancellation due to weather or not enough participants. Should this occur, you will notified via phone and refunded. There are NO refunds given for any other reason. Should you not be able to make a class you may exchange it for another day. Each class has a strict criteria and depth which we will stick to. 

*Each class has a 5 person minimum required.*

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Intro to BeeKeeping

This is a Hands off, classroom class only. This class is targeted toward first year beekeepers or those who have never kept bees before. In this class we will cover Equipment, Tools, Types of honey bees, Hive setups, Bear/pest prevention, Fencing, Basic bee analogy, Places to order, What to expect, What you need and other various beginner beekeeping needs and questions.

  • Dates Offered: 5/25/19 5-7pm

  • Cost: $35.00/person

  • Items Required: NoteBook, Questions.

Beginner BeeKeeping

This is a Hands On Class. This class is intended for beekeepers with 0-3 years experience and 1-3 hives. In this class we will cover Installing Nucs and Packages, Basic hive inspections, early warning signs, feeding, adding boxes, types of queen cells, mites, hive beetles, wax moths, queen, drone, worker bee, and their recognition, their life cycles and purposes, how to go through your hive, moving hives, other beginner bee related topics and questions.

  • Dates offered: 6/1/19 9-11am *8/3/19 9-11am

  • Cost: $40.00/Person

  • Items Required: Beesuit, Notebook, Camera If desired, Water.

Intermediate Beekeeping

This is a Hands on class. This class is for beekeepers with 2-5 years experience and 2-5 hives. This class will start with a 10-15 minute discussion. We will then go into more in depth hive inspections, basic bee language, different types of bees in the hives and their jobs, when to add boxes and when to remove, recognizing honey flows, recognizing orientation flights, basic hive splits, basic swarm prevention, swarms, queen cells in the hive,  moving hives, weight tests, queens excluders and uses, entrance reducers, treatments and when to use them, bad queens, disease, brood viruses, mite counts, royal jelly, nectar, pollen, building strong bees, intermediate questions, concerns, and what to do's.

  • Dates offered: 6/1/19 2-4p * 7/13/19 9-11A

  • Cost: $40.00/person

  • Items Required: BeeSuit, Notebook, Camera if desired, Water, Questions, Concerns.

Advanced BeeKeeping

This is a Hands on Class. This class is for beekeepers with 3+ years experience, with a minimum of 3 hives. For more experienced bee keepers, we still recommend taking the intermediate class prior to this class. This class with be 2.5+ hours and will give you an insight how we manage hundreds of hives at a commercial level. It will be high paced, intense, highly detailed and will cover a large amount of material. It will cover; advanced hive inspections, maintaining large hives, preventing swarming, when to split, nurse bees, worker bees, old bees/ new bees, frame organization, drone production, basic queen mating, larva inspection, royal jelly within the cells, types of disease, honey flows/supering, brood patterns, feeding/feeders, pollen, spring buildup, Nuc/ package buildup, robbing, honey processing and everything inbetween.

  • Dates offered: 6/15/19 9-11:30A *6/29/19 9-11:30A *7/13/19 2-4:30P

  • Cost: $50.00/person

  • Items Required: Beesuit, Notebook, Camera if desired, Water, Food if desired, Questions and concerns related to any of the above topics.

Making splits/catching swarms

This is a hands on class that will look specifically into splits and swarms. In this class we will look in ideal times to split, how to split, when to split, how big of splits to do, time frame on growth of splits, queen cells, virgin queens, mated queens, introduction of all 3 into splits, moving splits with the queen, types of splits, swarms, catching swarms, what to do if your hive swarms, and other split/ swarm topics. We will be splitting hives in this class to show you a few techniques on how to do it. Hopefully we will not be catching swarms, but if the opportunity presents itself we will do so also.

  • Dates offered: 6/15/19 2-4P *6/30/19 2-4P *8/3/19 2-4pm

  • Cost: $50.00/ Person. $125.00 extra If you'd like to take home a 3 frame split with a queen. Cardboard nuc box included.

  • Items Required: Beesuit, Water, Food, NoteBook.

Intro to Grafting/Queen mating

This is a 2 day class. 6 Person min, 20 Person max. You are required to attend both days.  2 hrs each day                                                                       This class will give you a look inside how to make queens, the thought process and selection behind it. This class will cover breeder hive selection, time/timing, starter hives, finisher hives, setup, grafting techniques, cloake boards, queen excluding, mating, mating hives, queen catching, caging, queen candy, queen marking, egg-bee cycle, larvae size, larvae selection, hive selection, grafts, grafting, acceptance rate, temperature, queen hatch-lay time frame. Each person will have an opportunity to graft a bar full (16) larvae or more if desired. There will be 2 instructors for this class if over 10 participants. You will be provided everything you need to graft. 

  • Dates Offered: 7/20&21/19 10-12am *8/18&19/19 10-12am

  • Cost: $90.00/person (covers both days) Ea person gets 2 Queen cells to take home.

  • Items Required: Beesuit, Notebook, Sturdy metal or wood chair, Water, Food, Reading glasses if you need them.

Winter Preparation

This is a hands off class. We will go over specifically how we winterize hives. We will go over hive size, weight, what to do's, mites, treatment, wrapping, fall feeding, overwintering nucs, singles, doubles, when to prepare and other various winter preparation. This Class will be 1.5-2.5 hours. 

  • Dates offered: *9/7/19 9-11

  • Cost: $50.00/person

  • Items Required: Notebook.


This class will be a hands off class. However, bring a bee suit just in case.  We will cover Nosema, what it is, its effect on honey bees, how to treat for it. We will cover Chalk brood, sac brood, America foul brood, European foul brood, how to identify them, and what to do. We will cover various types of Varroa treatments, their effectiveness, pros, cons, treatment length, when to apply, how often. We will go over the specific treatment applications we use, how we use them and when to use them. What Varroa mites are, how to check for them and signs of them. We will briefly talk about hive beetles, and hive beetle control. We will take about Tracheal Mites and treatment. We will cover wax moths and frame storage and a few other treatments out there for certain bee issues. 

  • Dates offered: 6/16/19 9-11a * 8/3/19 9-11a *9/7/19 1-3pm

  • Cost: $40.00/person

  • Items Required: Notebook, Beesuit



This is a great oppertunity for individuals to get an inside look at how we run a commercial bee operation. Come a day that fits your schedule. Spend the whole day or spend an hour. This is a high paced environment. Please come ready with any questions, concerns or previous problems.

  • Any week day

  • $35.00/person

  • Items Required: Notebook, Beesuit, food, water.