Purchase Info

No refunds will be given within 30 days of pick up date for any reason. All Nucs are inspected 2 days prior to being sold. All Nucs sold, are healthy, with an actively laying queen. Suddabee's is not responsible for your bees once they are out of our care. We take Nuc/Queen issues on a case to case basis. Problems must be reported within 48 hours of purchase. We do not offer ANY replacement for any reason after 7 days of purchase.

*Bees not picked up within 24 hours will be forfeited with no refunds. If the time we give you for pick up does not work, please call us to arrange suitable means for pick up.


For Mail in Check orders Click here > Quick link < other wise use the “Order tab.”

  • Spring 2020 Nuc: -5 Deep frame Nucs: Brood, eggs, Larvae, Honey/Pollen, plenty of bees, and a marked queen if you desire. (Nuc Box included) Our bees are a Russian Carniolan hybrid. Over the past 3 years we have started to mix in Canadian Buck fast bees as well. The queens are 2019 high producing, hygienic queens. We continue to work to bring mild temperament, mite resistant, disease free, winter hardy bees to you. Our Nucs are treated for mites before they are sold. No Shipping. All bees are inspected for health and quality by the Vermont State Bee Inspector prior to being sold. To order please click the "quick link" above, fill out the printable form, and mail it to us with your money enclosed. If you would like to pay via credit card, through the website an additional charge of $10.00 per Nuc is added due to Credit Card fees.

  • We will contact everyone Via email 2 weeks prior to when pickup date will be.

1-5 $175.oo each.  Order 6+ $170.00 each.  Marked queens are an additional $10.00 ea (all queens are marked white)

 **Overwintered Nucs are available est 5/25/19 Please click the "quick link" above to order. These Nucs could be ready as late as the 2nd week of June. These will be Split from proven Overwintered hives, from a strand that we have had in VT since 2006. These have August of 2018 high producing queens. All Nucs are treated for mites before being sold.

** 8 Frames of bees: We are offering 8 frame hives. You must bring your own boxes. We will transfer 8 frames into YOUR boxes. These are bees from overwintered hives, with August 2017 queens. These bees will need a second deep box within 5-10 days of purchase. If you would like to purchase these bees with the equipment, we can arrange that for an additional price. All equipment in used in good condition. You can order these following the "quick link" at the top of the page.

$325.00  Available after June 1, 2019


  • 2019 Mated Queens: We will have mated queens available April 1st. Please call to order.

Order 31+: $28.00 each

Order 11-30: $30.00 each

Order 1-10: $35.00 each

All mated queens, are open mated, laying for 2 weeks or better. Available starting April 1st. Shipped directly to Post Office. Shipping charge based on quantity. Marking by request only. Marking charges apply. Large orders ship via FedEx. Ships Monday-Wednesday only. We ship the fastest method only. SHIPPING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WE OFFER NO REFUNDS, NO INSURANCE AND NO REPLACEMENT QUEENS FOR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT. All queens are mated and healthy when they leave our possession. 

  • Virgin Queens (We are not responsible for proper mating) No refunds for any reason. Large orders ship via FedEx. Ships Monday-Thursday only.

Any size order: $12.00ea

  • Queen Cells: Available for pick up every Friday Starting June 21.



  • Honey: in 1 lb. wide mouth jars. All of our honey is raw, straight from the comb to you.


Case of 12: $100.00

Bulk honey is available in 5 gallon buckets (60lbs) -$225.00. Pick up only. Please call or email for availability.

  • Lip balm: Pure VT beeswax, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Peppermint essential oil.

Order 12+: $2.25 each

Order under 12: $2.75 each

  • Butt Balm: (Organic diaper cream) Kid Tested! An awesome cream to keep your infant diaper rash free! Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, VT beeswax, Zinc oxide, Tea tree oil, Lavender oil,

2oz glass jar: $6.50

4oz glass jar: $9.00