We are now Offering a varroa mite treatment plan for the 2019 season.

As many bee keepers know, The varroa mite can be completely detrimental to the colony, leaving it weak, vulnerable or even dead. With hundreds of hives of our own, we work tirelessly to keep our hives mite free. We have become extremely successful keeping our colony losses to a minimum.

Treating mites can be quite tricky and harmful if done improperly or during the wrong time. However, with the increased number of mite loads over the past few years, it is essential to treat multiple times throughout the year.

We have a few different treatment plans that can help keep your hive ahead of the curb. These treatment plans will include, Zach with 2-3 colony visits, a brief hive inspection, an education write up on the type of treatment, and a hands on lesson on effectively treating your colonies.

  1. The first treatment plan is Oxalic acid Vaporization. We have commercial vaporizors that can effectively and quickly treat your hives. This treatment will include 3 Treatments at 21 day intervals. This method is a relatively non invasive, safe, effective treatment that will help keep mite counts low. This treatment must be done early am or Pm.