We are happy to provide the following services:

*Cash is required at the time of service or you can arrange payment ahead of time with us.

Pollination Services: We will temporarily install bees depending on the time of season and which pollination service you require. We guarantee 6 frames of bees minimum for any pollination service.

Price per hive will vary depending on what type of crops you have, the length of the pollination season, and how many hives you require.  Please contact us to discuss a price. Payment (Cash) is due at time of delivery. You can also set up a prepay with us via Check. You MUST notify us of any Pesticide, fungicide or insecticide spray that will be used or has been used prior to arrival.

  • Swarm Removal: Have a swarm in your attic, garage, shed or barn? We are happy to come remove it for you. 

$75.00 flat fee upon arrival for the first hour. $25.00/hr after that.

  • Swarm Catching: Have a hive swarm and are out of reach? We have the equipment to get them back.

$75.00 flat rate. If you do not wish to keep the bees, the service is free. 

  • Honey Extraction: Have frames of honey, but no equipment to extract? We've got you covered. We charge $1/lb to extract. Please bring your own bulk storage. We have 5 gallon buckets available if needed.


  • Rookie Bee keepers or Experienced Bee Keepers: Need an additional hand or some advice? We are happy to help, and share with you what we know.


  • Package Bee Installation: We also are happy to install your package bees for you

$50.00 flat rate fee

  • Bee education: If you would like to follow us around for the day, were happy to show you a few things. Saturday, Sunday or Mondays only. Please email or call for details. We encourage you to bring a Notebook, camera, and your own bee suit if desired. Stay as long as you want.

$25.00 fee per person.

  • Wedding favors: We have provided honey in 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz jars, of numerous shapes. No minimum or maximum quantity. We have accounts with several Bottle companies/label comapnies, and can help you pick out the perfect jar. Give us a call to get set up.